Being far from the capital, far west region is still unexplored and undiscovered and least developed. Despite being rich in natural beauty and great destination for tourism the place is still untraveled. Far West has an abundance of natural attractions, such as the Suklaphanta National Park, which has the largest herd of Swamp Deer in Asia. Not only that, but the region beholds sites of majestic beauty. Whether it be the alpine meadows, forests and lakes at Khaptad, or the picturesque and secluded trails of mountain ranges, like Mt. Api and Mt. Saipal. The Far West’s culture is rich and diverse, comprising of the nomadic Rautes and the Rana Tharus (who travelled all the way from Rajasthan when the Moghuls invaded India) among other communities. The land also beholds mystical folklore and ancient stories that build an even more captivating allure to the Far West of Nepal.

10 Days - 9 Nights
12 Days - 11 Nights