Mustang & Muktinath Tour


Those turquoise lakes, rocky hills, great apple gardens, Tibetan-inspired palaces and houses, lovely fields are always alluring on the screens. And we hope that you have been dying to be there at least once in your life. For those who have already been there, they go back to their memories and start to recall the places they have visited there when they see or listen somewhere- MUSTANG.


Mustang is one of the dream places for every traveller. Let us inform you that we are always ready to serve your wanderlust.

So we have listed some places that would never fail to delight you in Mustang.

  1. Jomsom

Jomsom is the place where you will start your journey to Mustang. It falls under the Annapurna Circuit Trek. One can find thakali culture around Jomsom which you






can see by the layout of their houses. Jomsom is best known for the strong wind that blows up the valley every day from noontime. Located in the Kali-Gandaki Valley where there lies the deepest George of Nepal, Jomsom is a good place to start trek and mountain biking.


  1. Kagbeni

Kagbeni is a village which is known as the gateway to the upper mustang trek. It is a Tibetan influenced settlement and is also called the “Tibet of Nepal”. The best thing here is that there are several monasteries where the humming of monks echoes everywhere and synchronizes with the mud scrolling from the top. And you do not need any filters or editing after taking a photo here.

  1. Marpha

If you want to taste freshly grown juicy apples, then have a visit to the garden of Mustang- Marpha Valley. The great apple gardens provide a nice view that you would wish they were yours. Similarly, there are varieties of apple juices that you can enjoy.



  1. Lomanthang

Lomanthang is the capital of legendary kingdom of Mustang. It is surrounded by the walls and so is called the “Wall City of Upper Mustang”. There are thousands of Buddhist monasteries around here and one can view high bare brown hills.


  1. Dhumba Lake


Dhumba lake is the beauty of Mustang. A lake amidst bare and rocky landscapes is a blessing in itself. Most of the Nepalese movies and music videos were shot in this site. The peaceful environment here offers a reason for the trekkers to take a rest and praise mother nature.


  1. Muktinath


One of the most sought pilgrimage by both Hindus and Buddhists, the Muktinath temple is the reason why Mustang has got a pitched road instead of muddy ones. People believe that their visit to this place would purge their bad deeds. There are 108 taps where pilgrims bathe themselves pray for their health and progress. We have a good family package for you to visit here.


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Mustang & Muktinath Tour